Survey of pesticides in flowers from countries outside the EU

Within flower production, several pesticides are used, i.a., to control pests and plant diseases. The objective of this project is to shed light on which pesticides are used in the production of plants in countries outside the EU, and also to obtain an overall view of the existing knowledge about the content of pesticide residues in flower products that are imported from other countries. This project focuses on products such as cut flowers, potted plants, and flower bulbs that are intended to be used by the consumer.

Survey of chemical substances in consumer products no. 188, 2022

The survey showed that pesticides are being used in imported flowers and associated products, and this also includes pesticides that are not allowed for use in the EU.

A large amount of the products are imported in particular into the Netherlands and Germany, from which they are distributed to Denmark among others.

It has been difficult to identify what the countries of origin are and, therefore, which specific pesticides can be used in specific products. The pesticides and quantities involved depend on the type of product and the country of production, which has not been definitively identified.

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