Survey and risk assessment of chemicals in knitting yarn

In recent years, Danes have been knitting more and more. Accordingly, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has a desire to map the market for knitting yarns and investigate whether knitting yarns contain chemicals to the same extent as finished textiles, and whether yarn complies with the legislation applying to textiles and yarns.

All 45 yarn samples were tested for content of nonylphenol and nonylphenol ethoxylates as well as azo dyes and aro-matic amines, as these substances are subject to regulation of content in textiles. Next, migration analyses were per-formed of all yarn samples in artificial sweat for a series of metals and also for formaldehyde and permethrin. In addi-tion, migration of cyclic siloxanes was examined for 12 se-lected superwash wool yarn samples, and migration of bi-sphenol A (BPA) for 10 selected yarn samples.

Based on the examination of the selected yarn samples purchased in Denmark, from the remainder of the EU and outside the EU, it can be concluded that there is no risk skin effects or systemic effects when using the yarn in con-nection with knitting or wearing hand-knitted clothing.

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