Analysis and risk assessment of fragrances and other organic substances in squishy toy

The aim of this project was to obtain knowledge on whether organic substances, including fragrances, are released from squishies. It was also assessed whether the substances identified present a risk to children.

Survey of chemical substances in consumer products no. 165, 2018

In the project, a total of 12 squishies were analyzed. Screening analyses of content as well as emission showed several problematic substances, such as N,N-dimethylformamide and various fragrances and amines. Quantitative analysis was performed on selected substances by emission after 1 hour and 3 days (4 squishies) after unpacking the squishy from packaging and by migration test to artificial sweat. Migration of selected problematic substances was not detected, while emission analysis once again showed high concentrations of some problematic substances both after 1 hour and 3 days. The analysis results for emission have been used for the assessment of health-related risks of selected substances if a child uses these products in two scenarios. In an exposure scenario, where a young child lies down and sleeps while hugging a squishy, the measurements performed 1 hour after unpacking the toy showed unacceptably high levels of the substances N,N-dimethylformamide, triethylenediamine and cyclohexanone in all 12 squishies.For four squishies for which 3-day measurements were also made, the concentrations remained unacceptably high for the substances N,N-dimethylformamid and triethylenediamine.

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