CMR Substances in Toys – Market Surveillance and Risk Assessment

Survey of chemical substances in consumer products No. 141, 2015

The objective of this project was to identify the presence of CMR substances in toy products based on literature studies of existing investigations and knowledge, to analyse the content and migration of CMR substances for a number of selected toys and to make a risk assessment of products with a significant content/migration of CMR substances.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency selected 28 products for analyses. Screening analyses were made on all 28 pieces of toys and quantitative analyses of 24 CMR-substances were then made. Migration analyses were made for two CMR-substances based on a worst case risk assessment with the assumption that 100 % of the CMR-substances could migrate. The 24 substances selected for quantitative analyses were selected based on the self-classification or harmonised classification as CMR substances. The results of the quantitative analyses of specific substances by GC/MS showed that the content of CMR substances was relatively low (in general <1000 mg/kg) and that the existing limits of each CMR substance were not exceeded.

The overall conclusion of the report is that CMR substances exist in a wide range of toy products but in concentrations that are below the permitted limits of each CMR substance. Under worst-case assumptions, the health assessment of 10 CMR substances that appeared in the highest concentrations in 11 selected toys showed no risk for these substances that can be assessed.

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