Survey and health and environmental assessments of biocidal active substances in clothing

Survey of chemical substances in consumer products No.128, 2014

About two thirds of the clothes on the Danish market originate from countries outside the EU. The clothes might be treated with biocides to protect clothing against damage by microorganisms and insects pest while stored and transported. The clothes might also contain biocidal active substances used for the protection of the liquid used during the production of textiles. Biocides are designed to kill or control living organisms. Thus the biocides may be harmful towards human and environment.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has therefore created an overview on the biocides used for protection of liquids used in the production of the fabrics as well as the biocides used to protect clothing during storage and transport. Additionally the extent of residues of these substances in clothes on the Danish market was investigated. Further it was assessed whether the detected content of residues in clothing may pose a health and/or an environmental risk.

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