Survey and occurrence of PPD, PTD and other allergenic hair dye substances in hair dyes

Survey of Chemicals in Consumer Products No. 121, 2013

A survey of hair dye products for professional and private use and the content of PPD, PTD and similar substances were performed. In total 365 hair dye products were included in the survey and the hair dye substances were categorised according to sensitizing potential.

Within the group of traditional oxidative hair dye products it was not possible to identify specific types of products or color/tones which posed a reduced risk of hair dye allergy compared to other hair dye products. The survey confirms that practically all oxidative hair dye products contain one or more sensitizing hair dye substances.

A group of alternative non-oxidative hair dye products which did not contain sensitizing hair dye substances to the same degree as the oxidative products were identified, primarily on the professional market. However, several of the hair dye substances in these products have shown signs of other undesirable effects, which are now being further investigated by the scientific committee on consumer safety of the EU.

This survey therefore did not suggest any new recommendations for consumers who whish to dye their hair.

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