Migration of bisphenol A from cash register receipts and baby dummies

Survey of Chemical Substances in Consumer Products, No. 110, 2011

Cash register receipts on the Danish market is analyzed and the results show that the majority is made of thermal paper containing bisphenol A.
Risk assessment shows however that the receipts do not pose a risk to consumers or cashiers who handle the receipts. Even if they are pregnant, and even when taking into account the amount of bisphenol A that also comes from food.

The study also shows that receipts are a significant source of exposure to bisphenol A.

Moreover, studies of the marked share of baby dummies with shield, ie. the hard part, made of polycarbonate, which consists of bisphenol A is conducted.

The survey shows that 10-20% of baby dummies on the Danish market has shield of polycarbonate, and that the proportion is declining because of increasingly use of other plastics. The risk assessment of baby dummies shows that they do not pose a risk even when taken into account the amount of bisphenol A small children are also exposed to from food.

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