Phthalates in products with large surfaces

102 products with large surfaces intended for indoor use, were selected and purchased. The products are distributed on 16 floor coverings (vinyl based/vinyl coated floor covering and carpets with rubber backside), 15 wall linings (vinyl wallpapers), 15 furniture (covered with leatherette), one curtain (venetian blind), 10 lamp shades, 10 shower curtains, 13 air beds, 12 oil cloths and mats and 10 balance balls. The selected 102 products have been analyzed quantitatively for the four phthalates DIBP, DBP, BBP and DEHP. High concentrations of DEHP and DIBP were found in some product groups.  This was the case for furniture, shower curtains, airbeds, oilcloth and dinner mats and balance balls. For the product group floor covering only one product contained one of the four phthalates (DIBP) in more than 1 % (m/m). For wall linings one or two of the four phthalates were present in 11 products (except BBP) but in very low concentrations (0.001-0.005 % (m/m)). The same was the case for lamp shades. In the lamp shades low concentrations of DIBP, DBP or DEHP were present in five products (0.004-0.21 % (m/m)).

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