Phthalates in products that children are in direct contact with

Survey of chemical substances in consumer products 109, 2010

Products intended for children and products where it is intended that children have direct contact are selected for analysis. Only products that are not toys or baby articles were selected. Solely products that are not covered by regulations for toys or baby products were in question. In the project, focus was on the four phthalates DEHP, BBP, DBP and DIBP. 72 products were selected and purchased for chemical analysis. The products are distributed on 10 bags, 12 types of swimming equipment, 8 swimming pools, 10 textiles (T-shirts with print), 12 oilcloths and dinner mats, 10 shower curtains that appeal to children and 10 balance balls. These products were analyzed quantitatively for the four phthalates DIBP, DBP, BBP and DEHP. High concentrations of DEHP and DIBP were detected in a number of products. BBP was not detected in the analyzed products and DBP was only detected in concentrations less than 0.1%. 10 T-shirts were analyzed and all detected phthalates were in concentrations less than 0.05%. A high content of DINP and isophthalate was detected in a wide range of products that were not quantified in this project.  18 products were selected for analyses of migration analyses to artificial sweat and saliva to simulate the exposure of skin and mouth contact of a child with the products. The migration analyses detected the migration of DEHP in concentrations less than 0.0005% in the products, while the migration of DIBP was detected in a concentration of 0.02% in one product. Less migration was observed to artificial saliva compared to artificial sweat.

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