Survey of chemical substances in headphones and hearing protection aids

Survey of Chemical Substances in Consumer Products, 91, 2008

To identify different headphones and hearing aids on the marked, a survey of the marked was made. From this survey 14 headphones and 6 hearing aids were chosen for analysis to identify the primary materials of the products. The results showed that the analysed products, both headphones and hearing aids, were made of primarily polyurethane (PUR) and silicone. PVC was also identified in 3 of the analysed hearing aids. These results were supplemented with analyses of the chemical content in the components of a headphone, provided by a manufacturer. From these results and from the knowledge on additives in the used materials, an assessment was made of the potential risks to human health. From the gathered knowledge and the exposure routes it is estimated that there is no health risk connected with the use of the products. No precise conclusions can though be given and it is given in the report how further assessments of the health risk from these products can be made.

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