Survey and health assessment of chemical substances in hobby products for children

Survey of Chemical Substances in Consumer Products, 93, 2008

A survey of hobby products for children were made and the focus were on marker pens, gel pens, glitter glue and acrylic paint. After the survey 26 units of marker pens, 11 glitter glues, 3 gel pens and 18 acrylic paints were bought. All the products were bought in different price ranges. Chemical analysis were made on the products in some chosen colours. A range of substances were identified in the screening analysis, and some substances were chosen for quantification. The result is that hazardous substances have been found in 10 products, 5 being glitter glue products, 4 acrylic paint products and one gel pen. It should be noted that only a part quantity of the marker pens in each product has been analysed (one product is e.g. a packet with a number of marker pens in different colours). Exposure scenarios have been made for skin and oral absorption of marker and gel pens, glitter glue and acrylic paint assuming that ink/paint has been applied to the child's palms. There is identified a risk of the use of one acrylic paint and two marker pens were illegal to sell because of the content of solvent classified as harmful to reproduction in category 2. A wide range of the products contain substances classified as harmful to health but only a small part of the products pose a risk.

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