Survey as well as health assessment of chemical substances in school bags, toy bags, pencil cases and erasers

Survey of chemical substances in consumer products, 84, 2007

The survey includes mapping of the market, qualitative and quantitative analyses as well as a health assessment of possible harmful impacts from substances being emitted from school bags, toy bags, pencil cases and erasers. 26 different pieces of erasers are bought and the most frequently bought school bags and a random choice of toy bags and pencil cases are selected. 9 out of 26 erasers are made of PVC with phthalate as plasticizer and school bags and toy bags are primarily made of polyester textile with plastic parts of PVC with phthalate. In total, four products exceed the application limitations for lead and cadmium. Three erasers have a content of DEHP as plasticizer. Daily intake of a small amount (cube of approx. 4 mm ) of eraser with a content of DEHP during a longer period may represent a health risk. Correspondingly, it may represent a health risk if a child daily sucks on an eraser with a high content of DEHP during a longer period.

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