Survey of chemical substances in kohl and henna products

Survey of chemical substances in consumer products, 65, 2005

37 Kohl products and 25 henna products were collected. An analysis of basic elements in selected products was carried out. All henna products were analysed for para(p)-phenylendiamin and Lawson, where p-phenylenadiamin is used in oxidatively based hair dyeing products and Lawson is a natural constituent of henna. Lead was found in the majority of kohl products as impurities, the highest concentration was 0,028%. Lead was found in 10 of the 17 henna products analysed in concentrations between 0,5 mg/kg and 2,0 mg/kg. P-phenylendiamin was found in three products and in one product the concentration was 17% (the limit stated in Statutory Order on Cosmetic products is 6%). Lawson was found in 14 out of 25 products analysed with the highest concentration being 0,34%.

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