Colorants in transferable picture tattoos for the skin

Survey of Chemical Substances in Consumer Products, 61, 2005

The aims of the present investigation were to perform a survey of the colorants that may be present in the transferable picture tattoos for children and to check the compliance of these products with the Cosmetic Directive. 42 products of picture tattoos were purchased. Of these, 36 were selected for the chemical analysis of colorants 129 cosmetic colorants, permitted for the use in cosmetic products, was checked in the picture tattoos. Only 11 of these colorants could be identified in the analysed samples.). Risk assessment of seven (CI 15850, CI 11920, CI 45220, CI 75300, CI 13015, CI 45100, CI 15525) colorants has been performed on the basis of the information available in the scientific literature. On the basis of the present investigation, it is concluded that the potential risk of allergic reactions from the colorants in transferable picture tattoos is limited.

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