Environmental Project No. 2076, 2019

Establishing effective markets for secondary building materials


The overall objective of the project is to frame the development towards an effective market for secondary products obtained through reuse and recycling in a large scale. The focus is on the conditions and requirements necessary for establishing an effective market for secondary products that can also help introduce new, innovative business models related to the processing and recycling of construction and demolition waste.

The Partnership on sustainable construction and waste prevention has selected concrete, wood and roof tiles wastes for detailed analysis as they are considered to have a potential for recycling and re-use as well as for developing new secondary products from them.

For each material, the current market conditions and functioning was investigated and barriers where identified. The most important barriers seem to be the following: current market inertia, the lack of documentation and guarantees, insecurity of supply as wells as costs associated with waste processing and – in some cases - the presence of hazardous substances in the waste.
In order to overcome the identified barriers and establish a truly effective waste market an idea catalogue suggests: match-making platforms that help match supply and demand, compilation of standards and documentation, demonstration projects focusing on costs and a more strategic use of green public procurement are considered the most effective tools.
These results are supported by the development of a dedicated economic model. The model simulations of the different initiatives show how market parameters such as price and security of supply are affected.


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