From corn waste to green energy in China


Proper utilization of waste from corn could replace 50 % of coal consumption in the Jilin Province in Northern China. Converting biomass into energy would be a good business case and reduce environmental problems such as air pollution and energy waste.

The purpose of the current MUDP- project was to establish, test and demonstrate a briquetting plant in the Jilin province that converts corn waste into valuable fuel – and to demonstrate how biofuel can be utilized in a highly efficient boiler. However, the project ran into problems regarding incorporation of an energy efficient boiler solution in existing boilers, the quality of the corn waste and the local energy supply, which lead to termination of the project. This was not for technical reasons and several positive outcomes have followed from the project efforts including increased interest in converting waste from agricultural production into briquettes. The project identifies a need for more knowledge about handling corn waste and greater control over the upstream supply chain in order for the project to succeed at a larger scale.

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