Miljøprojekt nr. 1990, 2018

Bunker Supply and Quality Survey


Survey of the Danish market for marine fuels (bunkers)

The Danish bunker market is a so-called niche market where the bunker receivers mainly take smaller volumes for reaching the more price-attractive larger bunker hubs. Despite the niche characteristics, there are national, regional, and international suppliers operating in Denmark and an overcapacity of bunker tonnage. Offshore barges capable of a turnover of 30–40,000 metric tons per month, with an optimum logistic, today turnover significantly lower volumes, stressing the margins and profitability.

However, we found the Danish bunker supply market well regulated, and the authorities have easy access to data on quantities and qualities for the offshore market, but more difficulties for the onshore market. The onshore market is mainly gas oil supplies, dominantly with product derived from the oil major companies. We found no evidence to suggest any violations of the current legislation focused on sulphur regulations.

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