Environmental Projekt No. 2056, 2018

Control of Pesticides and Biocides 2017

The Analytical Chemical Control of Pesticides and Biocides on the Danish Market


The analytical chemical authority control of pesticide and biocide products on the Danish market that was carried out in 2017 by the Danish Environmental Pro-tection Agency (Danish EPA), Chemical Inspection Service, is described in this report. Samples of select-ed types of pesticides and biocides were collected on the Danish market and analysed to verify whether or not the content of the active substances in the prod-ucts in question complies with the product specifica-tion and the labelled content. A total of 38 different pes-ticides and biocides products were analysed. The con-tent of active substance in 5 of the analysed products (2 pesticides and 3 biocides) was not within the ac-cepted tolerance that is determined in the Danish Statutory Order on pesticides and biocides.

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