Miljøprojekt nr. 2035, 2018

Substitution of NMP in paint for hard PVC


N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) is used in paint to increase the adhesion. However, NMP is a substance of very high concern due to its negative effects on the human health. Therefore possible alternative solvents have been identified using the software ‘Hansen Solubility Parameters in Practice’ and evaluated with respect to technical performance, price and commercial availability as well as with respect to hazard and risk of exposure. Three solvents showed excellent technical performance and are considered applicable alternatives to NMP in paint for PVC. From an exposure point of view, one solvent is preferred as it shows a lower risk with respect to inhalation and dermal exposure. However, this solvent has a limited commercial availability and a higher price than both NMP and the other two alternatives. To bring the solutions to marked, development work continues at Teknos in order to document the long-term perfor-mance of the product containing the substitute.

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