Survey of chemical substances in consumer products No. 147, 2016

Survey and risk assessment of chemical substances in rugs for children


The purpose of the project is to map, which chemicals within the categories, VOC, phthalates and PFAS are emitted from rugs to the indoor air in children’s rooms, and whether a health risk is connected thereby. The purpose of the project is also by means of sensory evaluation to assess, whether there is a connection between odours and content of chemical substances including VOC.

The chemical analyses of 21 rugs showed that all rugs emitted VOC at different levels. Even though the identified VOCs are not found to be hazardous to health at the measured concentrations, they can still cause bad odour and a decreased indoor air quality in the children’s room.
All 21 rugs were screened for total-fluorine in the textile surface, out of which 5 rugs with the textile materials polyamide and polypropylene contained fluorine. These 5 rugs were analysed closer for content of specific PFAS.
A low content of PFAS was demonstrated in 5 rugs and as well as the presence of phthalate in one rug, but the substances are considered not to cause any health hazard for children

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