Environmental Project No. 1842, 2016

Danish consumption and emission of F-gases

Year 2014


The import HFCs estimated to 338 tonnes. Compared to 2013, import has decreased with approx. 30 tonnes. The import level has been stable at this level the recent years.

The GWP-weighted actual emissions of HFCs, PFCs, and SF6 in 2014 were 842.700 tonnes CO2 equivalents. In comparison to 2013 this represents a 9 % decrease.  The F-gas emission comprise approx.. 1.5% of the total national GWP emission from all sources. 

Dansk resume
Importen af industrielle drivhusgasser udgjorde ca. 338 tons. Det er et fald på ca. 30 tons sammenlignet med 2013. Den GWP-vægtede aktuelle emission er på ca. 842.700 tons. I forhold til 2013 udgør dette et fald på ca. 9 %. Emissionerne af F-gasser udgør ca. 1,5 % af de samlede drivhus gas emissioner fra Danmark


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