Environmental project No. 1864, 2016

Sundere Grundere

Alternatives to alkyphenol ethoxylates


This report describes the work carried out to substitute alkylphenol ethoxylate (APEO) compounds in two paint primer products and the results from the work. The APEO compounds were contained in the binders used in the primers, and for this reason, a substitute for the binder systems were sought. For a sealing primer required to seal odour and prevent colour breakthrough, an alternative binder system was identified, and a sealing effect comparable to the primer containing APEO was achieved with minor modifications of the formulation and of use. For an industrial primer, a temporary binder substitute was identified and put to use, while work is continued after project end to validate a permanent binder substitute free of APEO with adequate health and environmental characteristics.

Rapporten beskriver undersøgelser og vurderinger gennemført i et projekt, som havde til formål at erstatte alkylphenolethoxylater i malingsprodukter med andre mere miljø- og sundhedsvenlige stoffer. Der er identificeret alternative bindere i to forseglende grundersystemer.

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