Environmental project no. 1871, 2016

Development of Advanced Environmental Reporting

Natural Capital Accounting: Construction of Offshore Oil & Gas Well


The objective of the report is to describe the development and pilot test of an NCA approach covering the construction of the offshore Hejre HA-1 production well using data from start-up to completion and focusing on societal costs in the full value chain from environmental impacts on air and water.

The well is part of the Maersk Drilling and DONG Energy joint operation at the Hejre Field in the North Sea, where Maersk Resolve mobile offshore drilling unit is under long-term contract. Establishing the Hejre HA-1 well is a 'High Pressure High Temperature' drilling operation (HPHT).

The report is a joint effort between Maersk Drilling, DONG Energy and COWI on demonstrating the benefits of using natural capital accounting (NCA) data on a specific business activity.

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