Environmental project No. 1790, 2015

Survey and strategy for sustainable use of biocides


The project was initiated by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Danish EPA) to provide a survey and strategy on sustainable use of biocides. Sustainable use of biocides entails that biocides should only be used where deemed necessary and if possible replaced by technical alternatives. Sustainable use also includes substituting of hazardous biocides with less harmful alternatives and reducing the use of biocides where feasible.
The report includes an overview of identified solutions and tools for sustainable use of biocides, a discussion of their relevance, and a proposal for a Danish strategy containing initiatives at a national level as well as at EU level. Five product types (disinfectants and algaecides (PT 2), wood preservatives (PT 8), rodenticides (PT 14), insecticides (PT 18) and antifouling products (PT 21)) were prioritized based on the number of active substances falling under the exclusion criteria or considered candidates for substitution according to BPR compared to the total number of active substances for each product type.

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