Environmental Project No. 1429, 2012

Exhaust Gas Scrubber Installed Onboard MV Ficaria Seaways


An exhaust gas scrubber able to remove SO2 has been installed in July 2009 as a retrofit on board the DFDS vessel Ficaria Seaways (Tor Ficaria until July 2011) after a MAN 21 MW 2-stroke engine. The exhaust gas scrubber is able to operate in both a seawater (SW) and a fresh water (FW) mode and it has been tested while the ship was in normal operation. It has been in operation for 5630 hours (June 2012). The obtained results show, that it is possible to reduce the SO2 level to under 19 ppm in the exhaust gas. This corresponds to below 0.1 % sulfur in the fuel whereby it is possible to comply with IMO’s most strict sulphur requirement, which will prevail from January 2015.

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