Environmental Project No. 1316, 2010

Impact assessment of introduction of a general scope of the RoHS Directive – selected aspects


In the proposal for the recast of the current RoHS Directive the European Commission has introduced two new annexes describing the scope of the Directive. The first annex describes broad product categories and the second provides binding product lists within each product category.

An alternative definition of scope could be a general scope based on a definition of electric and electronic equipment (EEE).

By introducing a general scope a number of product groups would change status from being outside the scope to being inside. Compared to the binding list of the Commission’s proposal, 77 product groups have been identified that might change status. The products are mainly large and small household appliances, electrical and electronic tools and toys and leisure and sports equipment. For most of the products the market volumes are significant, however the total turnover of the equipment in is only in the range of a few percent of the total turnover of EEE.

Areas not addressed in this study are 1) equipment for the protection of the essential interests of the security of Member States; 2) large-scale stationary industrial tools; 3) transport equipment, 4) aerospace applications; 5) equipment designed for “fixed installations”; and 6) equipment which is not intended to be placed on the market as a single functional or commercial unit.

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