Survey of Chemical Substances in Consumer Products, 90, 2008

Survey, emission and health assessment of chemical substances in baby products


The products in the survey are primarily baby products intended for children at the age of 0 to 1 year. 13 products were selected to the analysis, the products were pillows for baby feeding, baby carriers, nursing pillows, baby mattresses, aprons to perambulators and disposable foam washcloths. The products were analysed for i.a. colourants, organic tin compounds, flame retardants and were screened for phthalates and organic compounds. Additionally, migration tests were carried out in saliva and sweat. All analysed baby products contain measurable quantities of more than one compound classified as hazardous to health and/or environment. None of the products have a content of chemicals that will pose a risk but the release of formaldehyde from pillows for baby feeding were in concentrations than may contribute significantly to the acceptable daily intake.

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