Environmental Project, 1139, 2006

Comparison of measuring results between solid fuel stoves tested in accordance with EN 13240 and NS 3058


The purpose of this report is to find out whether there is a connection between the mean value of CO emission in %, measured during the EN test, and the weighted average of the particle emission, measured in the four partial courses during the NS test, stated as gram of released particles per kg of fired dry matters.The examination is based on measurements of a total of 26 solid fuel stoves during the period from August 2001 to November 2005. Measurements of THC/OGC have also been carried out on 20 of the 26 solid fuel stoves. It must be concluded that it is not possible on the basis of this report to make clear parallels between CO values achieved during EN testing and values for particle emission obtained during NS testing. Therefore, as a matter of course it will not be possible on the existing basis to substitute requirements on particle emission with requirements on the CO value.

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