Environmental Project, 901, 2004

Evaluation of Alternatives for Compounds under Risk Assessment in the EU, Bisphenol A


This report reviews the use of bisphenol A and its possible alternatives in coated food and beverage containers, polycarbonates, thermografic printing, toners and printing inks. Traces of bisphenol A has been found in canned food, beverages and recycled paper. Bisphenol A has shown oestrogenic properties but the levels causing endocrine disrupting effects in fetuses of animals and humans are widely debated. The screening of environmental and health properties of the polyester and polyamide alternatives indicates that these groups are possibly less harmful to health and the environment than bisphenol A. On the other hand, the polyacrylate and polymerised rosin alternatives may cause the same effects or more hazardous effects on both environment and health as bisphenol A. In order to reduce the hazardous effects on both health and the environment it is recommended to investigate the environmental and health properties of the alternatives to bisphenol A.

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