NPo-forskning fra Miljøstyrelsen, A - abstracts, 1991

Cleaner products - new tools, players and relationships


In connection with the establishment of the Product Oriented Environmental Initiative, the Environmental Protection Agency wished to undertake a subevaluation of the projects initiated under the cleaner technology action plan in relation to the sectors and areas which have been initially under focus in the Product Oriented Environmental Initiative. The purpose of this evaluation has been to assess experience from the initiatives to date against the intentions of the action plan, and to provide constructive input to help flesh out a future product-oriented initiative, including the activities linked to the new programme for cleaner products. The evaluation has focused on three selected sectors and on inter-sector product-oriented projects carried out under the Action Plan for Cleaner Technology 1993-97. The investigation has been carried out at the request of the Council for Recycling and Cleaner Technology. Experience with cleaner technologies has been evaluated in these three sectors: The textiles and clothing industry, The electronics industry, The transport industry, The projects evaluated completely cover the period 1993-97 in these three sectors.

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