Environmental Project, 835, 2003

Use of Natural Refrigerants in Supermarkets

30-10-2003As the refrigeration industry also desires to supply products having the least adverse environmental impact possible, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, Super Køl A/S, Fakta and the Danish Technological Institute entered into an agreement in the spring of 2001 to fully develop and commercialise the technology of natural refrigerants in supermarkets. This project (Use of natural refrigerants in supermarkets) focuses on the energy consumption and installation costs of using propane and CO2 in supermarkets. The project shows that: - the energy consumption is within the consumption of an optimised traditional Fakta outlet; - the installation costs are 10-20% above the cost of an optimised Scroll solution with R404A in a standard Fakta outlet; - the installation costs of the brine circuit are significantly lowered when hoses are used, and that string control valves are not required on systems of this size; - the injection function of the cascade heat exchanger must have a time-limited start-up function followed by traditional PID control to provide stable, uniform operation; - the propane circuit safety requirements are operational and manageable; and - the choice of an adjusting strategy for secondary cooling circuits is a condition for energy-optimised operation of refrigeration compressors.Læs publikation