Pesticides Research, 66, 2003

Dry Deposition and Spray Drift of Pesticides to Nearby Water Bodies


During field application of pesticides, some of it will reach adjacent water bodies through atmospheric dry deposition and spray drift A model was developed to calculate the volatilisation, atmospheric transport and dry deposition of pesticides to water bodies (streams, ditches and lakes) caused by application on nearby fields. It appears that the contribution of dry deposition of those pesticides, that are highly volatile as well as highly soluble, to water bodies is of the same order or even larger than the contribution from spray drift. Spray drift is only important over a relatively short distance (less than 30 m) from the edge of a field, whereas dry deposition can also be important further away. The model, that includes a description of spray drift, is built in into an integrated model used for estimating the risk of transport of pesticides to water bodies. This integrated model describes not only the atmospheric contribution to water bodies, but also the contribution via other pathways.

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