Environmental Project, 744, 2003

Genanvendelse af chromateringsbade til zink og aluminium


On the basis of a feasibility study of the plasticiser substances and groups of substances that are commercially available on the market today, nine substances were selected for further investigations. PVC compounds plasticised with these selected substances were prepared and tested for a number of properties that were considered as primary selection criteria for medical applications. Compounding was easy with all the investigated plasticising substances and it was easy to prepare specimens and test samples by injection moulding with all the prepared compounds. An attempt was made to rank the selected and investigated substances in comparison with a reference DEHP plasticised PVC compound. Å have a slightly lower strength value, Å have a slightly lower strain at break value, and Å have a higher cold flexibility temperature. None of the substances was rejected as potential alternatives to DEHP. However, much more data are needed before DEHP can be seriåly substituted in medical devices.

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