Udenfor serie, 2003

Clean air - Danish efforts


Lakes are deprived of fish, the number of flora and fauna species is falling, harvest yields are reduced, sickness and premature deaths prevail. These are Å of a range of harmful effects caused by air pollution. Through targeted efforts, both at EU and UN level, we have succeeded in reducing or solving a number of these problems. The most recent achievement was the adoption of the Gothenburg Protocol - a huge step forward in our efforts to reduce air pollution all over Europe. However, a number of problems remain to be solved. Urban transport is still a source of danger to human health. Emissions of sulphur dioxide from international shipping are still not regulated. Dioxin and other dangerå compounds still threaten animals and Man. The depletion of the ozone layer has not been definitely curbed. And perhaps the largest problem: the risk that greenhåe gas emissions will influence the Earth's climate, is still unsolved. This leaflet gives an outline of air pollution control efforts made in Denmark in the past.

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