Working Report, 7/2002

Cleaner Technology Projects in Denmark 1997


This Working Report contains summaries of all Project Reports and Working Reports on cleaner technology published by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency in 1997. The projects were carried out under the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's Action Plan for Cleaner Technology 1993-97, the main objective of which is to ensure the implementation of results from previå Action Plans, to continue research and development activities, e.g. substitution of environmentally harmful substances and materials, and to shift focus from production processes to products. Consciå efforts to minimise environmental impacts are becoming competitive parameters for the industry. The implementation of cleaner technology has proven to entail savings in operation costs and lower costs of production, and these results are communicated through the project reports. Cross-references are given to projects that form part of major programmes, or where previå or subsequent projects deal with the same topic.

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