The Bichel Committee, 2001

Report from the Sub-committee on the environment and health

Committee on assessing the overall consequences of a partial or totalphasing-out of pesticide use


The Sub-committee for Environment and Health found a wide range of health and environmental impacts from pesticides that are now banned. On this basis, the sub-committee also found that our knowledge about impacts is constantly increasing, so substances that are at present regarded as safe may be viewed differently in the future. Experience to date thus confirms that pesticides should only be used with great caution. The sub-committee also ascertained a number of impacts from the use of pesticides on both the terrestrial and the aquatic environment, but did æ find any health effects on the population in general from currently authorised pesticides. The sub-committee identified variå lacunae in our knowledge that make it difficult to calculate the consequences of phasing out the use of pesticides. The sub-committee therefore had to limit the actual analysis of consequences to the few impacts about which there was sufficient background information. The sub-committee also considered how the environment and health could be protected still further and, in that connection, indicated variå areas for action.

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