The Bichel Committee 1999, 2000

Report from the Sub-committee on Agriculture

Committee on assessing the overall consequences of a partial or total phasing-out of pesticide use


The sub-committee has proposed cultivation systems for agriculture in connection with a total and partial phase-out of pesticides and has found that a total phase-out or very limited use will require major changes in crop rotations. Even with an adjustment of the regimes, there will be a substantial reduction in the yield for many crops - and particularly for special crops. Within market gardening and fruit growing, the knowledge base is weaker than for farming proper, and this has made it far more difficult to carry out analyses in this sector. The sub-committee has analysed a number of alternative, non-chemical methods for combating diseases, pests and weeds. Several of these methods already have a considerable potential for use, while others require further research and development to become real alternatives.

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