Pesticides Research, 48, 1999

Effects of Dimethoate on Collembola - Growth and Reproduction

Growth and reproduction of Folsomia fimetaria (L.) and Hypogastrura assimilis Krausbauer (Collembola) exposed to the insecticide dimethoate


Dimethoate significantly reduced the growth of the two studied collembolan species at dosages as low as 0.1 times the recommended dose. Effects on reproduction were also suggested although the analyses in most cases were insignificant due to the high mortality. Effects of dosages below the recommended dose were seen for more than a month after exposure. Long-term effect were æed after prolonged as well as short term exposure. The most sensitive stage was newly hatched juveniles. The results are important in the development and evaluation of standardised toxicity test for soil test arthropods.

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