Arbejdsrapport fra Miljøstyrelsen, 51/1997; Working report, 51/1997

Total cost assessment


Implication of cleaner technologies : how to encourage industries : to effect the decision making process : transfer of international exeriences to Denmark; Delimitation; Objectives; Method : description of the test cases : development of a spreadsheet : adjustment; CONCEPT AND METHOD; American TCA concept : expanded cost inventory : improved financial indicators : expanded timetable : development of a spreadsheet support system; Experience (and results) in the USA; The Swedish MILA method; PROPOSAL FOR A DANISH TCA METHOD; Purpose of TCA in Denmark; Model of analysis and process description; Important qualitative parameters; Spreadsheet application; TEST OF THE DANISH TCA CONCEPT; Qualitative description of the production; Classification into levels according to the Danish TCA concept; Quantification of the inputs and outputs; Implementation of data to the spread sheet; Development of scenarios; EXAMPLE OF THE USE OF SPREADSHEET; DISCUSSION AND VALUATION; When is it relevant to bring the Danish TCA into the decision making process; Who is the user of the TCA; Does the environment benefit of the use of the Danish TCA; How to strenghten the use of TCA

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