Arbejdsrapport fra Miljøstyrelsen, 29/1997

AMAP Greenland 1994-1996

Data Report


HUMAN HEALTH : ANALYSES FROM GREENLAND; Comparability PCB and OCP data withing the subprograms of AMAP; Intercomparison exercise between Centre de Toxicologie du Quebec (CTQ), Canada, and National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), Denmark; Homogeneity test report; Stability test report; Data in microgram/l for homogeneity test of ampoules for intercomparison; Final report concerning results of intercomparison exercise for 2 laboratories; ATMOSPHERIC ASSESSMENT FOR GREENLAND; Gases and aerosol-ions; Elements; Tropospheric ozone; MARINE PROGRAMME; Heavy metals; Persistent organic pollutants (POP); Compilation of data to radionuclides in the Greenland marine environment; TERRESTRIAL AND FRESHWATER PROGRAMME; Compilation of data to radionuclides in the Greenland terrestrial and freshwater environment

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