Arbejdsrapport fra Miljøstyrelsen, 50/1997; Working report, 50/1997



Chemistry; Sampling and analysis; Synthesis and natural formation; Toxicology; Toxicity-equivalency factors; INDUSTRIAL EMISSIONS; Chemical industry; Paper and pulp industry; Asphalt-mixing industries; Steel and metal industry; Cement industry; POWER GENERATION AND HEATING; Fossil fuels; Burning of bio-fuels; Wood stoves; Heating of houses; Building, landfill and vehicle fires; DIOXIN FROM WASTE INCINERATION; Municipal solid waste; Incineration of clinical hospital waste; Incineration of hazardous waste, including waste oil; Emission from crematoria; DIOXINS AND SEWAGE SLUDGE; Dioxin levels; Origin of dioxin in sewage sludge; Application of sewage sludge to agricultutal land; Incineration of sewage sludge; DIOXINS AND COMPOSTING; DIOXIN FROM THE TRAFFIC; DIOXIN IN THE ENVIRONMENT; Dioxins : in the environment : in the aquatic environment : in soil; Dioxins and the vegetation; Wild animals; PRODUCTS; Consumer products; Pesticides; Dyestuffs; Dioxins and textiles; HUMAN EXPOSURE TO DIOXINS; Foods; Inhalation; Drinking water a.o.; Soil ingestion; Total exposure; LEVELS IN HUMANS; Blood levels; Adipose tissue; Breast milk; OVERVIEW OF EMISSIONS AND EMISSION SOURCES IN DENMARK AND OTHER COUNTRIES

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