Arbejdsrapport fra Miljøstyrelsen, 10/1996; Working report, 10/1996

Environmental risks of pesticides to birds and mammals


SYMPTOMS OF PESTICIDE POISONING; OECD TOXICITY TESTS; Toxicity after long-time exposure : carcinogenicity : mutagenic effects : chronic toxicity; Toxicity after short-time exposure : acute toxicity : reproductive toxicity tests : avian dietary toxicity test : avian reproduction test; Toxicokinetics and metbolism; Demands to the tests; LABORATORY TESTS; Routes of exposure; Diseases; Carrier-substances in dietary tests; Long-term physiological effects; Effects of pesticides maingroups; Bioaccumulation of pesticides; FIELD STUDIES; Fiedls study sites; Census methods; Reproductive variables; Behavioural observations; Immigration and emigration; Radio telemetry; Carcase searching; Example of withdrawal; THE TEST ANIMALS; Bodyweight and size; Extrapolation from species to species; Choice of test animals; RISK ASSESSMENT; Use of models from population dynamics; Evaluation of toxicity; FUTURE TEST STRATEGIES; From laboratory test to field test

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