Arbejdsrapport fra Miljøstyrelsen, 6/1996; Working report, 6/1996

Adverse Effects of Pesticides on Nontarget Systems


RESIDUES OF PESTICIDES IN THE ENVIRONMENT; EFFECTS OF PESTICIDES ON TERRESTRIAL SYSTEMS; Effects on soil microorganisms; Effects on soil meiofauna; Effects on arthropods and worms; Effects on bees : factors influencing actual hazard; Effects on amphibians; Effects on birds : physiological effects : effects on behavior and reproduction : pesticide interactions, response variability and field residues : difficulties in estimating pesticide hazard to birds; Effects on mammals; Effects on plants; EFFECTS OF PESTICIDES ON AQUATIC SYSTEMS; Effects on freshwater organisms; Effects on marine organisms; IMPLICATIONS FOR EVALUATING PESTICIDE HAZARD TO NONTARGET SYSTEMS

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