Arbejdsrapport fra Miljøstyrelsen, 47/1995

Soil quality criteria for selected organic compounds


ANIONIC SURFACTANTS; Chemical and physical data; Sources of pollution; Environmental fate and concentrations in soils and biota : environmental fate and bioavailability : concentrations in : soils : biota and bioaccumulation; Ecotoxicology : effects on : microorganisms and microbial processes : plants : invertebrates; Derivation of the soil quality criterion and discussion; BENZO(a)PYRENE; PENTACHLOROPHENOL AND OTHER CHLOROPHENOLS; POLYNUCLEAR AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS (PAHs); WHITE SPIRIT; APPENDIX; Anionic surfactants; benzo(a)pyrene; pentachlorophenol and other chlorophenols; polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons;

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