Arbejdsrapport fra Miljøstyrelsen, 67/1994, 1995

Electrokinetic Remediation of Heavy Metal Polluted Soil


HEAVY METAL POLLUTED SOIL; Soil composition; Adsorption mechanismes; Soil pH; HEAVY METAL POLLUTED SITES IN DENMARK; PASSING ELECTRIC CURRENT THROUGH SOIL; Electrode-electrolyte systemes; Electrochemical phenomena in soils; PRINCIPLES OF ELECTROKINETIC REMEDIATION; Electrokinetic remediation of heavy metal polluted soil; Electromigration for preconcentration of contaminants in ground water; Electrokinetic remediation of waste water sludge and incinerator ash polluted with heavy metals; Electroosmotic control of hazardous wastes; Electroosmotic pruging of soils polluted by organic compounds; Site remediation by in situ vitrification; ELECTROKINETIC REMEDIATION OF HEAVY METAL POLLUTED SOILS - PRACTICAL APPROACHES; Laboratory experiments on artificial polluted soil : kaolinite contaminated with zinc (1) : Cd, Ni, Sr and Co in different soil types : silty quartz sand contaminated with Cu : quartz sand polluted with copper and So4 : kaolinite contaminated with zinc (2) : kaolinite polluted with lead : kaolinite polluted with mercury : discussion of the laboratory experiments on artificial polluted soils; Laboratory experiments on soils from polluted sites : different soils and different heavy metals : loamy sand polluted with copper and chronium form wood preservation : removal of Cu, Cr, As from loamy sand : sand polluted from accumulator industry : sand polluted from a copper rolling mill : discussion of the results obtained in the laboratory on soils from polluted sites; Pilot plants and full scale cleanups : geokinetics : University of Washington : The Technical University of Denmark : discussion of the remediation field projects; DISCUSSION OF THE POSSIBLE USE OF ELECTROKINETIC REMEDIATION; APPENDIX A; List of the different groups working with electrokinetic remediation

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