Arbejdsrapport fra Miljøstyrelsen, 27/1995

In vitro methods for safety assessment of cosmetics


INTRODUCTION; Scope of this report; Legislation concerning non-animal cosmetics testing; Use of animals for experimental purposes in the European Union; Perspectives for non-animal cosmetics testing; SKIN PENETRATION; Permeability properties of the skin : factors affecting transport processes : regional variation in stratum corneum properties : physico-chemical determinants for skin penetration; In vitro methods for skin penetration studies : artificial membranes : models with isolated skin : perfused skin cultures : 3-dimensional tissue models : future perspectives; ANIMAL EXPERIMENTS FOR EVALUATION OF LOCAL IRRITANCY AND CORROSION; In vivo methods for evaluation of ocular irritancy/corrosion; Use of in vivo methods for evaluation of dermal irritancy and corrosion; IN VITRO METHODS FOR EVALUATION OF LOCAL IRRITANCY AND CORROSIVITY; Validation programmes : the 1993 IRAG eye irritancy workshop; In vitro tests of ocular and dermal irritaion and corrosion : structure activity relationships : use of physico-chemical detection systems : tests with plants and microorganisms : cytotoxicity tests : tests with 3-dimensional tissue models : in vitro tests for inflammation/sensitization : recovery tests; Status of in vitro testing for corrosivity and local irritancy; DEVELOPMENT OF A CYTOTOXICITY ASSAY INCLUDING A SKIN BARRIER MODEL; Materials; Methods; ABBREVIATIONS

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