Wellfield Management System (WfMS) for the Saldanha Bay area, South Africa


Added April 29th: WfMS Q&A (4 questions).

The purpose of this Strategic Water Sector Cooperation (SSC) project is to develop a wellfield management system (WfMS) for the Saldanha Bay Local Municipality (SBLM). The project also includes development of a regional geological model and a flow model of the area based on Danish groundwater mapping approaches. Development should be done in close collaboration with SBLM.

NOTE - Added April 29th: WfMS Q&A (4 questions)

The Strategic Water Sector Cooperation (SSC) between Denmark and South Africa is a long-term bilateral cooperation, which amongst others are contributing to the South African water sector by demonstrating and testing different Danish groundwater mapping and assessment methodologies in South Africa in order to add long-term value to the South African work on optimizing the utilization of groundwater.

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