EU tender of laboratory analyzes – MFS in marine sediment and aquatic biota


In connection with NOVANA - the National Monitoring Program, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency collects marine sediments, fish and mussels for analysis for environmentally hazardous substances. The samples are analyzed at certified laboratories.

These chemical analyzes have now been submitted by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency in EU procurement. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency wishes to enter into an agreement for the period from September 15, 2018 to December 31st 2019 with the possibility of renewal for two times 12 months. The tender is divided into two subagreements: Subagreement Ea - MFS in marine sediment and subagreement Eb - MFS in aquatic biota.

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Bilag 1 – Kravspecifikation (Gem pdf-dokumentet og udfyld)

Bilag 1.1 – Specifikke vilkår

Bilag 2a – Kvalitet Ea

Bilag 2b – Kvalitet Eb

Bilag 3a – Analysepakke Ea

Bilag 3b – Analysepakke Eb

Bilag 4a – Parameterliste Ea

Bilag 4b – Parameterliste Eb

Bilag 5 – Rammeaftale


Bilag A – Tilbudsbrev

Bilag B – ESPD – PDF

Bilag B – ESPD – XML

Bilag C – Støtteerklæring

Bilag D – Konsortieerklæring


Bilag E – Analysekvalitetsbekendtgørelse og metodedatablade

Bilag E.1 M029

Bilag E.2 M048

Bilag E.3 M052

Bilag E.4 M053

Bilag E.5 M054

Bilag E.6 M056

Bilag E.7 M057

Bilag E.8 Fagligt notat

Spørgsmål og svar


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Questions and answers


Contract notice

Tender Specifikations


Annex 1 – Specification of requirements (Save the pdf-document and fill in)

Annex 1.1 – Specific instructions

Annex 2a – Quality Ea

Annex 2b – Quality Eb

Annex 3a – Analysis package Ea

Annex 3b – Analysis package Eb

Annex 4a – Parameter list Ea

Annex 4b – Parameter list Eb

Annex 5 – Framework Agreement


Annex A – Tender letter

Annex B – ESPD – PDF

Annex B – ESPD – XML

Annex C – Declaration of support

Annex D – Consortium declaration


Annex E Statutory Order

Annex E.1 M029

Annex E.2 M048

Annex E.3 M052

Annex E.4 M053

Annex E.5 M054

Annex E.6 M056

Annex E.7 M057

Annex E.8 Memorandum