EU Tender: Remote Monitoring of Sulphur Emissions from Ships in Danish Waters using a Mobile Platform


The Danish Environmental Protection Agency invites tenders for remote monitoring of sulphur emissions from ships in Danish waters.
NOTE: The tender deadline is the 19 May 2017 at 13:00 CET.


Since 1 January 2015, ships in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea have to comply with a strict limit for the emissions of sulphur oxides (SOx). In order to comply with the limit, ships must use fuels with a low sulphur content of 0.10 % or clean the exhaust gas for SOx corresponding to the fuel limit value.

Due to the costs associated with compliance, non-compliant ships may get a considerable competitive advantage unless a level playing field is ensured. Further, non-compliance will undermine the expected benefit of the coming sulphur regulation on human health and the environment.

Against this background, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has decided to supplement the mandatory sulphur control of ships in ports with remote monitoring of ships in Danish waters.


The overall purpose of the project is to support improvements of the air quality with specific focus on the reduction of the emission of SOx and particulate matter from shipping while ensuring a level playing field for complying ship owners.

The aim of the project is to evaluate if ships in Danish waters comply with the 0.10 % sulphur limit for marine fuels. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency intends to report clear indications of non-compliance to the responsible authority of the next port of call. This will enable port state authorities to target sulphur inspections of ships toward ships with a high risk of non-compliance with the sulphur regulation.

The task

The task is to provide monitoring of SOx emissions from ships in Danish waters using a mobile platform. Measured SOx emissions shall be combined with information on identity, position and port calls obtained from the AIS (Automatic Identification System). The results shall be reported to the Danish EPA.

It should be stressed that the project addresses only measurement of the sulphur emissions and reporting of the results to the authorities. Any follow up actions are exclusively left in the hands of the authorities.


The tender deadline is the 19 May 2017 at 13:00 CET . More information about the tender, specifications of requirement etc. in the tender material below:


Questions and answers

Questions to the tender shall be addressed to Dorte Kubel, Danish EPA, on e-mail:  with copy to Lars Hald, e-mail:

Questions shall be posed in English and will be answered in English. Questions will be answered on this website in depersonalized form. E-mails with questions will not be answered directly to the questioner.

NOTE:  Latest questions and answers will be added to the bottom of the document as PDF-files.

Questions should be asked no later than 8 th of May 2017. The Danish EPA will answer these questions on the 11 th of May 2017 at the latest. Questions asked after 8 th of May cannot be guaranteed to be answered. Be aware that the 12 May is a holiday in Denmark.

Questions received later than six days before the expiry of the deadline will not be answered, unless the questions are insignificant and not concerning the projects performance.

Latest update: 17 May 2017


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