Tender: Plastic Packaging Waste Flow in Kenya


The Danish Environmental protection Agency has 29 June announced a tender on "udbud.dk" concerning plastic packaging waste flow in Kenya.

Announcement of tender "Plastic packaging waste flow in Kenya"

Deadline 17 August 23:00 CEST

It is possible to ask questions for the tender until 9 August.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency publishes answers to questions on this page.

Questions to the tender documendts on "Plastic Packaging Waste flow in Kenya":

Question received July 3 2017: "I note from the Tender Specifications Doc (Section 1.4.2) that its suited for Companies. Are individuals also open to tender?"

Answer: “The tender is open for all interested parties, regardless of their legal status. As such, individuals can submit tenders as well, provided that they meet the criteria stipulated in the tender documents. In this regard specific attention is brought to the tender specifications section 1.4.2 (suitability criteria), section (financial end economic suitability) and section (technical and professional suitability).”

Question received July 7 2017: ”Under the tender specifications,, my firm does not have documents referenced in 1 and 2. I wanted to inquire if it would be appropriate to submit details from my personal account relation to incomes accrued from the consultancies that relate to this assignment.”

Answer: "In the tender specifications, section, the requirements regarding the tenderer’s financial and economic suitability is set out. There are no minimum requirements regarding the business’s revenue, however if the tenderer is unable to present the required proof, the tenderer shall seek to otherwise prove its economic and financial suitability by submitting appropriate documents. In such case, the tenderer shall refer to the circumstance relied on by the tenderer as valid grounds for not presenting the required documents. ‘Appropriate documents’ in this regard can be any material or documents that show the financial and economical suitability of the tenderer in relation to the project."

Question received July 22 2017: “In appendix 2 on specification of requirements page 3 under item 1 & 2, you refer to main plastic types ( e.g. HDPE, LPPE, PP, PET). Could there be a typo error on LPPE and you meant LDPE?”

Answer: “Yes, it is a typing error. LDPE is the correct word.”  

Question received July 22 2017: “On tender specifications for advertising of plastic packaging waste flow in Kenya page 3 item 1.1 on the total contract value you mention less than DKK 1,006,628 exclusive of VAT and on page 6 tender evaluation sub-criterion (1) under the total price 10%, you mention economic framework is maximum DKK 100,000 excl. VAT. What does this mean and how does the two relate?”

Answer: “The economic framework of the tender is described in the tender specifications section (1), and tenders with a price higher than DKK 100,000 excl. VAT will not be taken into account. The wording in section 1.1 on page 3 of the tender specifications is only a reference to the Danish rules regarding public procurement, with DKK 1,006,628 being the threshold value for EU tenders.”